Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Can Cook! (?)

Apparently, sometimes, I know my stuff when it comes to cooking!

Check out my recipe in action over on one of my favorite blogs, Duoly Noted.

Melissa made my dish as part of her once-a-week attempts at cooking for her husband and it looks like she did an amazing job. This is my go-to dish for all the men in my life, be it my boyfriend, my father, etc.

Sadly I haven't had it in forever because it's not South Beach friendly. =(


  1. Ah! Thanks for the shout-out Michelle! It was a great recipe...although not South Beach friendly??? I thought it was a no calories no fat recipe??? ;)

  2. Haha that's the thing, in South Beach I can have all the fat and calories I want but no pasta!! Sadness.

    And, yes, whenever you make it make sure to tell yourself that...