Monday, August 10, 2009

She Said Yes: Inspiration

I've taken on a new project, one half-designed with this blog in mind, and half-designed with my need for finding something rewarding to do. In light of needing a focus this summer on developing something other than my career (i.e., soul, heart, mind, chakras, etc.) I've decided to undertake a very un-original but, simply, great plan. We've all seen or at least probably been told not to see the Jim Carrey movie Yes Man (I actually liked it, I am not afraid to admit it!) and that principle--the principle of saying yes to everything that comes your way and every opportunity that presents itself, is a truly great one. So I'm going to try it for the rest of the summer. Within reason, to any opportunity I am presented with--any legal, safe, and somehow spiritually, emotionally, or mentally fulfilling opportunity--I will say yes without hesitation, excuses or expectation of anything in return but the simple completion of that opportunity. Everytime this happens I'll let everyone here know about what it was and how it turned out. Honestly, I'm hoping for some horror stories just to keep this interesting! Here are some specific exceptions:

I will not stray from South Beach if the offer is food-related. I know everyone's all about trying new things, food being high on that list, but it just wouldn't be fair to all the ice cream I've turned down up to this point! You always need to think of the ice cream.

I will not commit infidelities to L. You know, for any potential would-be suitors who saw this as a tear in the net of committed and 99.9% blissful monogamy.

I will not harm any person or living thing in any way.

I will not shirk obligations to my job for this new incentive. For any would-be day-trips popping up in friends' minds as I speak.

I don't want to make the list of "no's" any longer (no limitations! I mean...yes to the lack of limitations!) so I think that covers most reasonable things I would not, in fact, say yes to.

More updates on the yesses as they come!

[Image from ZeroDegreesArt]

[Disclaimer: As per one of my above restrictions, ironically I would not, in fact, be able to consume that Yes pie. But doesn't it look delicious? Hint: Yes!]

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