Saturday, August 15, 2009

She Said Yes: Away to Connecticut

This weekend, I've accepted an invitation from C. and gone off to Connecticut to stay with C. and her family in her hometown and have a lovely, relaxing weekend full of great food, shopping, and friends. I'm simply having too much fun to stay and write so I'll say adeiu for now. More to come later!

Well it's Monday and I'm back at work, after arriving back in Williamstown after 10 last night. I had a lovely weekend with C. Friday night after having a yummy summer dinner with her parents we went to see Julie and Julia. I feel much more inspired after seeing it, and my hopes of being discovered here in my own little corner of the internet, as Julie puts it, have been raised, but it was also a lot easier in 2002 when no one knew what blogging was!

I loved C.'s hometown and the surrounding greater Hartford area. The houses are so beautiful! There's lots of English manor houses and although I've always considered myself to be contemporary in my design and architecture tastes I really love the mixed stone and brick. C. and I had a great time driving around and creeping on houses.
West Hartford Center itself is so funny-- like C.'s friend H. said, it looks like a movie-set-city that was just plopped down. The area is surrounded by beautiful houses with lots of land and then suddenly there's a few blocks of a squished city that are so well-planned, clean and perfect they look fake. We went to a restaurant called Max Burger for dinner and I was really disconcerted by all the pictures of live, happy cows on the walls as I sat down to order my burger. How funny is that?

This trip was definitely exactly what I needed to break up this summer. It's just been so long and lonely being on campus without the life of having everyone else here. "Yes" is doing wonders for these last few impossible-to-get-through weeks!

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