Friday, August 21, 2009

Things I Wish I Thought of First

So, you should all know that when it comes to sense of humor, I am a guy. Plain and simple. I have absolutely no political-correctness screen to my sense of humor. I'm nearly impossible to offend. Which is why I find it amusing that there's such a media backlash right now against Tiffanie Wong and her blog. Tiffanie's blog is titled, "My Husband is Annoying," and, well, it's perfection. Absolutely hilarious. And her husband has publicly said in interviews that he sees the humor in the blog and doesn't mind it at all. Yet so many people are condemning poor Tiffanie for having only the most bitingly clever sense of humor. I've been actually "lol"ing while reading it.

Why didn't I think of this? This is great. Of course, I could never write a blog like this. My blog would have to be entitled, "My Boyfriend is Too Nice." Or, "My Boyfriend Never Lets Me Pay for Dinner." That could be interesting, in and of itself. Hmm...


  1. Hi Michelle!

    Thanks for your post about my wife's blog! Glad you "get" the sense of humor--and love--that fuels it all. I laughed from the first post, and we love to laugh with each other over my dorky moves--and hers.

    Again, thanks!


  2. Oh I absolutely get it! It's very Julie Delpy-esque(but no one is criticizing her)! I'm glad you guys can do your thing without caring what others think! That's what love is all about, after all.