Friday, August 21, 2009

My Growing Clothing Collection

Well, another short-lived burst of packing momentum has ended, so here I am in need of a distraction. This is better than the last burst, which began at approximately 8 o' clock pm and ended at approximately 8:07 pm, at which point I decided to curl up on the couch and watch about seven episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

This second burst lasted for a good half-hour or so; a solid attempt, if I do say so myself. But I noticed something funny when I was packing. Somehow, I've managed to obtain about half of L.'s wardrobe.

It started like this. I went to pack up my Workout Clothes and PJs drawer, and found L.'s white t-shirt that he sent me because it smells like him and I like to sleep in it. I also have L.'s Orange J. Crew Graphic Tee, which is the softest and most wonderfully faded salmon-y orange shirt I have ever had the pleasure of stealing.

Next, I removed L.'s J. Crew Sherpa Fleece Hoodie in Faded Green, to which I alluded in an earlier post, from the back of my chair, and found hanging underneath it L.'s red tie. It's actually not my fault; C. wore the tie to a Corporate Hos and CEOs party that Couple Friend Guy and his friends threw, but now I have been given the task of caretaking and ensuring it reaches its home in L.'s tie collection. By the way, I've only ever actually seen him wear approximately 1/8 of the selection. I guess it's better than a guy with a penchant for silly ties.

Time to unpack the Warm Things drawer! And what do I discover here, but L.'s Navy Blue Fleece Private School Sweatpants with Said Private School's Monogram Emblazoned on Them. These I stole deliberately, as they are big, comfy and cozy for chilly winter study sessions. Plus, there's a sort of Victorian thrill of walking around wearing something clearly associated with your boyfriend. It goes back to the pin-giving days of the 50s. There was probably a custom in prehistoric times when a woman would wear the skins of her boyfriend's newly slain mammoth. Who am I to judge? Also in this drawer I discovered L.'s Green Golf Polo, which also carries with it a certain thrill of wearing conspicuously male clothing.

Unpacking my underwear drawer, I came across one of L.'s Lonely Socks. It, like me, has been without its mate all summer. How meta. I also have a pair of L.'s Comfy Boxers in here, which I love to sleep in.

Not a bad collection. Unfortunately it's taking up some much-needed space in my suitcase. Time to go sort it all out...


  1. Hey, found your blog through 20SB and thought I'd take a look. I love "How I Met Your Mother"; it's hilarious. In a week, I plowed through at least one and a half seasons. Boyfriends' PJs always seem to be uber comfy, sometimes moreso than your own.

  2. YES my boyfriend just got me the entire second season on DVD and I watched the whole first disc in a night! It's an amazing show.

    Thanks for stopping by! On my way to yours now =)