Monday, August 2, 2010

The Great Header Reveal

Well, latest in the series of installments of my blog-improvement mission is my new header! I finally started learning the ins and outs of Photoshop, and that, combined with a slew of super cute digital scrapbooking kits, led to this, my first attempt! I'm sad to replace Brittany's header, since I loved it so much, but I thought it was important that I try out the things I'm currently learning on the blog, and hopefully get some feedback (read: constructive criticism?)

Here were some of the runner-ups. They all have a few things in common that I thought were fun, such as ribbon borders, fun fonts, and made use of my newfound ability to create clipping masks. I also seemed to really like buttons?

I liked the sort of sophisticated feel to this one, and the fun type. But it didn't quite have the color palate or feel of my blog, which is soft blues, grays, and golds. So this one was just for fun.

This was a more personal banner that I played around with, before ultimately deciding that, at least right now, I don't want to have personal pictures in my banner. It also felt really unbalanced, as the frame and the subtitle--both elements I really loved--were difficult to fit together. The color scheme, however, was perfect for my blog.

This was the most simple of the four headers that I played around with, and I loved the color palate. However, the beach theme felt just like that--a theme--and it felt a little forced to me.

The header I ultimately chose is actually the first one I made. In the end, it just felt like I had gotten it right the first time. I love the colors, the fonts, and the different Photoshop elements I had fun playing around with such as clipping masks and shading and coutouring. It felt simple but at the same time interesting. I hope it's pleasant to look at!

UPDATE: I also made a new button that matches my new header! If you've already grabbed my button, would you mind replacing it with the new one? It should only take a second. =)


  1. They are all so cute! I love the scrapbook look!

  2. There are all great. I had such trouble choosing a header too, finding the right photo and getting the right dimensions and everything. Think I like my one for now, but will no doubt change it at some point! Daisy Dayz Home

  3. Great look-I think it jazzed up your blog. That's so great you know how to do all that stuff with photoshop!

  4. @Meghan: Thank you! Me too, it seems so homemade and not cookie-cutter blog to me, which I love.

    @Chantele: I know! I change everything, all the time. I can never accept that something is the best it can be-- I always think I can make it better.

    @DG: Thank you! That's what I was hoping! It just took a lot of googling haha.

  5. I like the new header! I also like the black and white one too, you have to love polka dots :)

  6. Thanks Rachael! I thought that one was sort of neat too. It's actually yellow, though, and I couldn't decide if it was chic or bumblebeeish.

  7. Great job! It looks so great! Don't you just love photoshop?

  8. Thanks Melissa! Photoshop saves my life. No I'm trying to learn Illustrator...ugh.

  9. Don't feel bad! Its looks great and I think its awesome that you taught yourself :) Illustrator is a lot of fun too, but was harder for me to learn.