Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Summer Vacation, First Beach Outing

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, L. and I are taking a little trip this weekend! It involves lighthouses, beaches, and ice cream. Can you guys believe that I have not been to the beach this entire summer?! I had planned on going when we went to San Diego, but hello, 60 degrees and cloudy!

Thankfully, C. and her family have a beach house in Chatham, MA (or Cape Cod, for those who need the umbrella term), and have invited L. and me up for the weekend! So off we go, hopefully to get at least a little bit of color before the summer ends! Would that be too much to ask?

I can't wait for a relaxing weekend of beach reading, tanning, great meals, great company, and of course seeing the bff who I haven't seen in over two months!! I love C.'s family almost as much as my own. They're seriously the best.

Plus, I get to take a 6-hour road trip each way with L., and guess what? The radio in his car is broken. I just know he must be so excited for our distraction-free bonding!

(Seriously, though? We have the best road trips.)

Also...guys? Don't think I'm a crazy person, but like four Great White sharks have been spotted off the coast of Chatham in the last week. If you know anything at all about me, know this: I am completely and utterly obsessed with sharks. And not, may I add, only during shark week. I am a proud shark-lover 52 weeks of the year. So the fact that the beaches I will be going to will probably be closed due to shark sightings? It's like Christmas morning up in here for me. Wish me luck on a sighting!

(Plus, wouldn't that make for an awesome recap?)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

(Oh, and ps? Yesterday I texted C. to ask for the address of the house at 11:40. I got a text from her with the address at 11:40. I checked my phone, and my text to her hadn't actually been sent until 11:41. Which means she sent me what I asked for before knowing I asked for it. This is why it's a tragedy that it's been so long since we've seen each other--although apparently our psychic-communication abilities increase while we're apart.)


  1. EEEEK, dude I am so scared of sharks. Way to be for not being a big old wuss like me. Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Ha, ok I think you're the only one wishing for sharks on a vacation by the beach. They are cool to watch, but I would NOT want to run into a Great White. Nurse sharks are cool though. Have a great time! I hope L doesn't go nuts with you singing the whole time. Oh wait, he sings too-nevermind you guys will have a ton of fun!

  3. Well, sadly girls we didn't even see them from afar. There were however, hordes of seals so we knew they couldn't be far off!