Thursday, August 12, 2010

I won AGAIN!

(Don't forget to enter the Alpha Ring giveaway before tomorrow at 5pm!)

Clearly my karma is building up a pretty nasty practical joke for me.

It will let me have all sorts of great things now, like finding $10 on the ground of the lobby of the movie theatre and winning the L'Amour dress in the lovely Freckles Chick's giveaway, but soon enough it will turn on me, and I'll be crossing the street under ladders with black cats while stepping on mirrors.


To add to this pile of cosmic back luck heading my way, I recently won yet ANOTHER giveaway!

See what I mean? It's too good to be true.

I won the Alex Keller necklace in the Bon Bon Rose Girls' Sizzlin' Summer Giveaway Week! That was a pretty awesome week, ladies. All my online-shopping urges were cured just by oogling the cute things you ladies were giving away.

The necklace is beautiful. I am so, so excited about it. It just arrived in the mail a few days ago.

Funnily enough, I was already planning on wearing gold strappy sandals and gold jewelery with my new L'Amour dress. Now I've essentially won my entire rehearsal dinner outfit for my brother's wedding!

Now if only I could win some gold shoes...

[Images via Alex Keller, Shabby Apple, Nine West]

What do you think of the green and gold combination?


  1. oh my goodness you are so lucky! i haven't commented on the last few posts because i've been on vacation but i have a few comments to make about all of them--- i love the ring.. i'm not going to enter because i already have an engagment ring on one hand and (will have) a wedding band on the other and that's already a lot of rings, but i hope someone who loves it wins. also i love the larger pictures on your blog! also thank you for sharing your story on yes and yes... i always love the true stories she has on there and it's awesome that you shared yours!
    okay back to catching up on my blogs :)

  2. Ha, don't get too weighed down by all that bling on your hands! Thanks so much, it was sort of scary to share but I was met with the best support so I'm so glad I did!