Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Dress and I: A Star-Crossed Love Story

I'm still waiting on some Hawaii pictures which I want to include in the update before I write it, so that's on the way! I promise!

But until then, I can share one extremely heartbreaking moment that occurred whilst I was out doing some shopping and general girl-bonding-time with L.'s mom and aunt in the little town of Kilauea. We were browsing through this super cute clothing store and suddenly, it caught my eye.

The backstory:

Michelle's brother is getting married in September (yay!). Michelle needs a super cute dress for the wedding, which is going to be just outside of San Diego, in the early evening (so it's sunny for the ceremony) and the reception will be inside. Dress needs to be summery and bright enough for outside but demure enough for inside.

Enter the dress:

I saw it on the rack. I checked the tag. It was $325. I could never afford it. But it called to me. What the hell, says I. I'll just try it on for fun.

I try it on. L's mom and aunt, and the store owner, all swoon. I look in the mirror. I swoon. There is only one of these dresses. It is exactly my size. It fits like a glove. The designer will not ever make another one. And I can't afford it.

L's mom and aunt offer to buy the dress and I can pay them back. I can't convince myself to do it. I decline their amazing offer, and decide I will try to find the dress's identical, cheap, stateside twin.

That's where you all come in. If anyone can find me a cheap version of this dress (believe me, I'm looking too!), you will become my absolute most favorite person in the world. Here it is, in all its glory, and the amazing elements that I am extremely doubtful I'll be able to find on another dress.

1. The back. Look at those satin criss-crossed straps. Ahh! So gorgeous.

2. The color. It's AMAZING.

3. The detailing on the bust. Look at that beadwork! It's stunning.

My mum says I should just wear a dress I already own, but she's already bought two new dresses, four pairs of shoes, a bracelet, two pairs of earrings, and a clutch for the event. So, I think one dress is legit.

Will I ever be able to find it again?


  1. So pretty! I hate it when I don't buy things I am in love with but I am sure your bank account thanks you. Why do pretty clothes always have to be so expensive?

  2. I'm glad you didn't fork over the cash. $325 is just way too much money for that dress. It is cute though. I hope you find something similar!

  3. instead of my work im catching up on your blog! heres a GREAT dress website - some expensive designer ones but other more affordable ones and they have great shipping return policies etc. and you can search by color - i just clicked pink for you :)


  4. OMG Sara you're a life saver! But of course the first dress I see on there that I want is the fuchsia Carmen Marc Valvo, which looks (and costs) just like the Hawaii dress haha.