Friday, April 16, 2010

Things I Meant to Say: Today is Neither 'Springy' Nor 'Flingy'

1. Welcome to another "Things I Meant to Say" blog post, in which I cue everyone in to the random things that have been wandering through my mind today. It's also a nice little confession that today I am feeling either lazy or decide.

2. This weekend is Spring Fling at Williams. Let's take a look out the window, shall we? 50 degrees, gray skies, cold wind. I am not feeling the love. The only thing this weather makes me want to do on Spring Fling weekend is maybe order in some Spring Rolls from the Thai restaurant and lay in bed while watching HIMYM.

3. Today is also decidedly un-"flingy." It's more like "monogamy-y." In the sense that the boy and I are having a date night: going out for Chinese (where I can satiate my now-present desire for a Spring Roll) and then going to see, yep you guessed it, Date Night. I'll wait here patiently while you go throw up.

4. Back? Okay. I'm actually really excited to see Date Night, since Steve Carell is probably possibly the funniest person ever since Zach Galifianakis. But Michelle, you say, Steve Carell has been around way longer than Zach How-do-ya-say-it. Well, I rest my case. Steve Carell is the funniest person, ever.

5. PERFECT SEGWAY! This weekend, we have an underwhelming Spring Fling band (Gym Class Heroes. If I wanted to dance to hip hop I'd get a DJ. Also, the Flaming Lips AND Ben Folds and SO MANY GOOD BANDS were on the voting list, yet our events planning group picked Gym Class Heroes. Which were not an option on the ballot. Just sayin') BUT tomorrow night we got...drumroll...CRAIG ROBINSON to come and perform stand up comedy!

Yes, that is in fact Daryl from the Office. (Now do you get my Steve Carell segway? See how I did that?) I am ants-in-my-pants excited for this. For really. And not to "use" Craig Robinson or anything, but he's biffles with Seth Rogen. And all I really want in life is to ALSO be biffles with Seth Rogen. So here's hoping Craig can make that happen for me.

PS I'll try to get pictures and post them!

6. After all this date-night-going-out and Craig-Robinson-manipulating, I also have this little thing called 7, count-em, 7, papers due in the next couple weeks. Sooo maybe I should rethink all my social endeavors this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone! If yours also involves stalking celebrities or also getting Spring Rolls (or, you know, anything else really), let me know!

Update: It is now snowing in the lovely town on Williamstown, Massachusetts. So now is this weekend most certainly not Springy nor Flingy, it's more like Winter Fling. Now, excuse me if I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure we've already had one of those.


  1. you should upload this pic on the who's who page!!/photo.php?pid=30826381&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=1325910099&m=1&id=3904184

  2. Ooo good call! I have more people to add obvi but that's a good one for where I am right now!