Friday, April 30, 2010

Get Down Mr. President

Here's why it's going to be a great weekend:

1. It's going to be in the 80s!

2. To ease myself into end-of-the-semester stress, I may or may not have bought myself a little present (read: SoCo and sour mix) to have fun and take my mind off the four papers I have to write.

3. Tonight is L.'s a cappella group, The Octet's, final concert! It's a really big deal. He just got elected President (yay!), and he has a solo in the concert tonight (Love and Memories by O.A.R.)

They're actually quite good, and they performed live in New York City with the band Motion City Soundtrack after the band saw one of their homemade videos (of L. singing, no less) and invited them to a concert at Irving Plaza! Pretty cool, huh? There were over 1,000 people there!

Here's my baby rocking out for the show's encore! Remember him when he gets famous!

But they're not always rockstars. Here's the more modest venue they'll be singing in tonight:

(The video is from Fall 2007, only a couple months after L. and I met, and we weren't yet dating, but were best friends. If you listen closely in the beginning, you can hear a girl yell, "I love you Lucas!" You can guess who that was.)

I'm so proud of him and I'm so excited to celebrate his solo and presidency this weekend!

4. We have some more things to celebrate this weekend-- L.'s and my 1 1/2 year anniversary! In honor of it, I'll probably be making an "About Me and L." tab up there at the top of my page, so feel free to read about the tumultuous and crazy story that led up to us finally getting together!

5. Despite the sheer awesomeness of all those things (whiskey, L., and celebrating special occasions are probably some of my favorite things), there's yet another that in its own way is untoppable.

On Sunday, in our college pub, my best friend C. and I will be playing some Jeopardy, or Jeps, as a blogger I love (and you should therefore too) kk calls it. However, this isn't just normal Jeopardy. See, C. and I both happen to be Poli Sci majors (at least, I am until the department finally figures out I haven't taken all the courses to fill the requirement for the major...already being an English major and pre-law takes up enough of my life, thx), and this is POLI SCI JEOPARDY. Like with students and faculty members (two students, one faculty member) on each team. Three teams.

BUT WAIT. It gets better. Prof C., whose infamy you may remember from this post, is one of the faculty members we get to team up with because, get this-- HE WAS AN ACTUAL JEPS CONTESTANT IN 2008!

Guys. This is a big deal. See, C. and I are a little...obsessed with Prof C. We giggle endlessly during his Con Law lectures (okay, today's was all about pasties. Not kidding. Come on!) and C. covets his cute baby while I just want his life (tenure track working for your alma mater with a nice house and married by your late twenties? Yes plz). So anyways needless to say it's more than a little creepy that we were the first to throw our names in the ring to be on Prof C.'s Jeps team. But whatever because it's going to be AMAZING. And there will be pictures. Oh, will there be pictures.

We thought about making t-shirts, but C. vetoed the idea. We need to keep some semblance of dignity.


  1. As a former a cappella choir geek I am in love with those videos- such talent! Sounds like you have a fun weekend set up! Congrats on the 1.5 years!

  2. Congrats!
    Amazed at the rock star quality~
    ps: always enjoy your style of if you're casually talking to your reader(me!)with a glass of lemonade in our hands~ you know...


  3. Melissa-- I had no idea that you sang a cappella!! Wonderful.

    Mara- Isn't he just? Love him!

    LenoreNeverMore-- Thanks so much for the comment! Love your title--love me some Poe! And I try to keep things casual and conversational over here--which is funny, because the blog initially started out as an online place to write and keep expository essays and nonfiction as a writing sample portfolio for future employers! But then I discovered how fun it is to write about my life and how great all of you guys are, and it turned into my personal blog. Now I work hard to make sure employers will never find it! ;)