Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Am Not Your Mama

I have a professor who is not much older than me. As in, he is still in his late twenties. But being the prodigy that he is, he graduated Williams in 2003, got his Ph.D. at Princeton immediately after, taught at one of the Claremont Colleges for two years, and now teaches at his alma mater. Pretty crazy, right?

Anyways. said professor also married his college sweetheart and now has a small baby. Adorable, right? He basically has the perfect life. He's also super chill and accessible, and put his home phone on our syllabus and said for us to feel free to call him at home if we had any pressing questions or issues (as long as we don't wake up Prof Baby, in which case he'd probably fail us.) Today I was finishing up my application for a super cool job that I'm really excited about, and wanted to ask Prof C. to give me a recommendation. I thought I would utilize his generous call-at-home option to ask personally if he would be able and willing to write a rec for me.

I call Prof C. This is the ensuing conversation:

Prof C: Hello?
Michelle: Hi Prof. C, it's Michelle.
Prof C.: Hey Michelle, what's up?
Michelle: Blah blah I have this great job opportunity and I'd be really grateful if you would write me a recommendation.
Prof C: Sure, blah blah.
Prof C. must have been holding Prof Baby during the conversation, since I had heard him making little gurgles while Prof. C was speaking. But when I started speaking again to thank him, Prof Baby must have heard my voice through the phone, because this is what happened next:
Michelle: Blah blah blah thank you
Prof Baby: Mama! Mama!
Michelle: Laughs awkwardly
Prof C: No no kiddo, that is not your mama.
Michelle and Prof C laughing but awkward finish their convo with a kthxbye.

I don't know which makes this story more funny/awkward: the fact that Prof Baby confused me for his mother or the fact that, Prof C being only six or seven years older than me, it wouldn't be ridiculous if I were in fact the mother of a one year old and married to a late-twenty-something year old. I mean granted it certainly wouldn't be a favorable situation (and I mean a random hypothetical person, not the mother out of wedlock to Prof C.'s baby!), but it's still biologically and, for the most part, socially legit. I mean, I've dated men Prof C's age. Isn't that crazy?


  1. LOL! That is funny, but take solace in the fact it was probably more awkward for him then you!

  2. Melissa: I absolutely think it was! Haha

    Mara: He is the coolest...perhaps almost too cool...