Thursday, April 22, 2010


Can I just take a moment and say that I am proud of myself?

Here's the thing: I'm really bad at science, and math, and basically things that aren't humanities. Logic problems I'm okay with, but SAT Math was a nightmare for me.

That being said, I am SO proud of myself for the progress I've made in teaching myself (and by "teaching" I mean with the help of all the lovely people over at Google) HTML/CSS, etc. When I first started this blog about 9 months ago, I was stuck with the basic Blogger templates because I had NO idea how to go around and change everything up and I was terrified to mess with the code. Now, almost every day I'm messing around with the code, seeing what happens if I change values and definitions and tweaking almost every aspect of my blog.

I've also been teaching myself Photoshop so I could create a blog header and sidebar titles. I know I'm not a master yet, but having my own header makes my blog feel SO much more personal, and knowing I figured out how to make it on photoshop and edit the code to get it in there myself is terrif. Now I get the warm fuzzies when I log in.

I'm trying to make everything a little more interactive and more aesthetically pleasing. Now I have tabs! Check out the "About Me" section up there and the "Who's Who." More will be coming soon!

So far, I've put in my own header and sidebar titles. I'd like to keep working to develop a perfect header, as well as customized "Contact me" buttons (twitter, etc.), and try to get my titles to be the font of my sidebar titles.

I'm also planning on buying a nice camera soon, and then my goal will be to have pictures (taken by me) in almost every post. I hope all these things make the blog more fun for everyone to read; I know it's bringing a whole new level of fun to blogging for me!

Any other suggestions you have or things you'd like to see become a part of the blog? What do you think of all the new changes?


  1. I love the new changes! the header looks awesome!

  2. Yayy thanks Melissa! You've seen it through so many changes haha! Hopefully I find one I want to stick with...

  3. Great job! And I love the picture of you and L on the banner. So sweet!

  4. DG- Thanks so much!!

    Mara- Not gonna lie, I was inspired by your super cute header! You and Matthew are so sweet!

  5. GREAT JOB!!! and we are all proud of you!! :)