Sunday, December 6, 2009

Double Date: Reunited

You may remember me having mentioned that C. and R.L.D.H. (Real Life Dan Humphrey) have started dating again and are trying to make it work long-distance (three hours from Williams to Boston). Not only am I incredibly happy for them, but L. and I are overjoyed as well, since they were our best couple friends! C. is one of my best girlfriends individually, and D.H. is one of L.'s closest guy friends, so the four of us together is pure bliss.

This weekend, we got to have our first double-date reunion since they began dating again. The last time we were all together was last spring, before D.H. graduated and moved to Boston to work at a consulting firm, while C. and L. and I are still at Williams. I MISSED COUPLE FRIENDS SO MUCH. L. and I are totally Marshall and Lily from HIMYM. We are sickening and the same person and above all love having couple friends. Well, I know I do. I'm pretty sure he does too...

Friday night we headed over to C.'s building and met up with Baby Zumbi, D.H.'s brother who also goes to Williams with us and is a year younger. The nickname is a complete inside joke and impossible to explain. We had a great time having drinks and catching up and enjoying each other's company for the first time in a long time.

Once C. and I were sufficiently ready to dance (let's GO! WE want to DANCEEEEEEE!!!!), we had to drag the boys away. We had no problem mobilizing Baby Zumbi, who decided to "clean up" the drinks that we hadn't been able to finish...including the rest of C.'s handle of smirnoff and the rest of my Captain Morgan. Needless to say, we only had about 15 minutes of dancing before we spotted D.H. guiding a poor-form Baby Zumbi toward the door.

THEN we had a little incident where L. and I went to find our jackets, and I discovered that my black North Face fleece was NOT in the location wherein I had left it. Being in high spirits, I proceeded to throw a tantrum and then cry. While ridiculous, my response is justified in my opinion.
A: I LOVE my North Face fleece.
B: It is warm and comfy and stylish.
C: My mom bought it for me as a gift after MUCH hinting.
Unfortunately, every other Williams student also has a black North Face fleece, and proceeds apparently to GRAB whichever one they see on their way out. My phone was thrown to the ground a few feet away from the where I had left the jacket, which made me even angrier, and then I found a black fleece in my size completely not in the place where I had left mine, but L. helped me investigate it and we affirmed that it smelled like me, had hair of the same length and color as mine on it, and that one of the ties on the zipper was hand-tied, so we were 99% sure it was mine. I am still so annoyed that people on this campus will grab the first jacket/umbrella/laptop/gloves/ETC that they see and take it for their own, but I guess that's another blog post.

Saturday was much better. First off it was the annual Williamstown Holiday Walk, which involves hundreds of dogs dressed up as reindeer being walked down the street, among other things, but honestly, who are we kidding? I'm in it for the dogs. L. and I watched from the window while we did work. Then C. and I got pretty and D.H. and L. took us out to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner, which was super sweet of them. After we gorged ourselves on Mexican food we basically repeated our Friday-night pregame, but C. felt sick so we played beirut with the boys drinking beer and C. and I using Vitamin Water, while Baby Zumbi smartly refrained from drinking altogether and wrote a paper. We laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation and thought about how funny it would be if security came to break us up.

D.H. left this afternoon and we were all pretty bummed about it, since the next time we'll all get to spend time together probably won't be for another month or so. But L. and I are just thankful to have our couple friends back.

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