Sunday, December 13, 2009

Things I Meant to Say: Never Eating Mexican Food and Raw Cookie Dough in the Same Night Again

1. It's 2:51 on the Sunday of finals week and rather than spend it being a productive member of society in the libes, I haven't yet gotten out of bed. No, I haven't been sleeping...I woke up at 10. I have food poisoning. YAY FOR ME. Last night L. and I went out to dinner with some of our couple friends, and naturally being poor college students decided to go to our friendly neighborhood Mexican cantina, Desperados. L. and I usually have a good experience when we go and the food, while not top-notch, certainly isn't terrible. However, either something at the restaurant or perhaps the raw storebought sugar Christmas cookie dough I ate last night didn't quite agree with me, since my body has been ravaged ever since. Sorry for that.

2. WHAT THE F IS THIS VEVO NONSENSE? All I want to do while confined to my bed is watch Bad Romance. But Youtube directs me to this stupid Vevo channel when I try to watch any of Lady GaGa's videos. What is this?? It lags SO MUCH and ruins my day.

3. Are the tattoos GaGa has in the video real? Also, she looks pretty rockin' from the front, but when you can see her whole SPINE? Come on girl, eat a sandwich!

4. I am IMing with P. about the Vevo situation and about how Williams internet SUCKS BUMS. I sent her the link to the opening skit of the Blake Lively hosted SNL parodying the couple who snuck into the White House. She heard all about that, but IMs me back:

"Who is Blake Lively, anyways?"

GIRL. Come on.

5. I was a bad girl and ordered some early xmas presents for yours truly from AE, including a navy fairisle sweater and a heather brown (my color) cardigan. They should be arriving tomorrow. I am overjoyed. I really wanted the AE Bling Cardigan cause, well, I'm into that kinda thing, but I couldn't justify spending $60 on it.

6. And before you're all like "Michelle, come on, you don't have the money to buy these things, you're addicted to online shopping, you fill up virtual shopping carts and shopping bags with hundreds of dollars worth of stuff that you're never gonna buy which means that you obviously have a problem, what would your mother say blah blah blah" I would just like to say that they were having FREE SHIPPING AND 20% OFF AND MY MOTHER WOULD BE DAMN PROUD OF MY SALE-HUNTING SKILLS.

7. Back to the food poisoning (cause I know you wanted to go back there), my problem with stomach viruses of any kind is that when I get them I refuse to eat since I'm terrified it'll get worse, which probably just messes up my stomach more, and I'll also NEVER go back to the place or eat the food that might-have-perhaps-but-probably-didn't-even-make-me-sick. Sun Chips free since '93...or somewhere around there. Just wanted a How I Met Your Mother shout-out.

8. Speaking of How I Met Your Mother, L. and I are beginning to think about auditioning the Ted to our Marshall and Lily for our apartment after graduation next year. We've got a couple good boys lined up. It should be great times.


  1. Ah! Being sick sucks but being sick during finals is the WORST! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. How I Met Your Mother is one of the best shows on TV. I'm so glad you shouted out to them. "Vomit free since 93!" Yeah..I wish that was me.
    Hope you feel better, it really sucks having stomach bugs doesn't it?
    Oh and get yourself over to Hulu next time you're sick. Tons of fabulously free tv shows and movies to watch. And right now they have a marathon of sappy Christmas movies which I happen to be watching at work. Shhhhh!