Wednesday, December 16, 2009

L. is Famous!

L.'s a cappella group, The Williams Octet, had their Fall Final Concert last Saturday. L. had arranged one of the songs--Fell in Love Without You, by Motion City Soundtrack, and got the solo for it as well.

Well, Motion City Soundtrack somehow found the video when the guys uploaded it on Youtube, and gave them a shout out on their twitter page!

Now the guys' video has almost 2,000 views since last night, and counting! I'm so proud of L. for doing such a great job with the arrangement and with the solo as well that the actual band the song is by gave him and the group props!

Nice job, boys!

You can watch the video below. (Also, if you don't listen to Motion City should. 'Cause they're awesome.)


  1. YAY L, what an honor! You are so lucky to have a man that sings, and sings well! :-) I wish Match would sing for me. I love to sing Karaoke and I've always wanted him to sing a duet with me, but I don't think there's enough alcohol in the world for that! ;-) So when is L's record label coming out?

  2. Haha I read him your comment and it made him so happy! He's so torn as to what to do because everyone knows and HE knows that he has a great voice but he's not sure if he wants to pursue that for awhile (he can play guitar too! Next singer songwriter?) or go to Med School. I keep telling him to do whatever he feels he needs to do and I'll support him in the meantime-ha!

  3. OK...that video is amazing! I've been watching that a cappella show, The Sing-Off, and his group looks like it could be in the running! Very, very cool.

    Strolling by from SITS! (And I think I'll be back!) :)

  4. HAHA L. was just talking about how he wonders how the Octet would do on that show! So funny!

  5. This is one of my favorites :)