Friday, December 18, 2009

Unhealthy Obsession With Change

Those of you who have been following my blog anytime in the last couple weeks or months: how are you liking the new layout(s)? I think the day I learned hmtl was a bad day indeed for mine and my blog's relationship. Ever since I've just been on my poor blog's butt, making it change everything about itself in order to please me.

I'm pretty happy with the current layout, and so I'm hoping I can just leave it at that and stop messing around. It's just this weird compulsion for change that I have. I'm always cutting my hair, used to drop guys faster than fbook friends who post really annoying statuses and clog my home page (until I met L.!) (also, to those fb friends: you're on watch), am constantly buying boxes and boxes of tea only to decide I like one kind the best...etc, etc. It's definitely a problem...and part of the reason I started this blog! The only thing worse than being a compulsive planner is being a compulsive changer...

So, how do you feel about the new layout?


  1. You can get rid of the bar at the top. there's some specific code out there to do it, but you have to place is right before the < /head > tag.

  2. Love the new layout!

    And Toby is a Yorkie- the cutest one in the world ;)

    Glad you're done with finals!

  3. Thanks Melissa!

    And I knew about Toby--and I agree haha ;)--but I was wondering what that singing dog was. He's so funny!

    I have ONE MORE tomorrow...Con Law. Any tips from law schoool on studying and memorizing 107 court cases from the Declaratinon the War on Terror? =(

  4. I like your layout! I am so excited I found your blog too! I hope you are having a great Sunday! xo, KA

  5. I love the blog look! I really need to figure out HTML so I can make my own layout. I have a specific one in mind but am so not HTML-savvy so I don't even know where I'd begin!

    Great job with the layout!