Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gorgeous Cheap Coat Steal!

As you might remember from my Wishlist post, a couple weeks ago I was salivating over this J. Crew Wool Duffle Coat in camel:

It's gorgeous and looks super warm, but for $298.00, it was going to have to be a Christmas miracle.

And then, one happened.

It wasn't even on Black Friday-- it was on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and I was shopping in-store at Old Navy. That's where I spotted this beauty, the Old Navy double-breasted wool blend coat:

So the color might not be as rich, and it does have the brass buttons. But guess what? It was originally $99.50, but that day Old Navy was having a 50% sale on outerwear.

Yup. I got my adorable wool winter coat for $49.50. It doesn't have the hood, but I would have taken that off anyway. It's super flattering and has a gorgeous silky magenta lining:

I'm not really a big fan of the funnel neck, so I wear mine folded down for the double-breasted look. I'm so happy with it and have gotten so many compliments already--and I've only gotten to wear it once so far! It looks great with skinny jeans and my Bandolino Castalina boots, and I can't wait to wear it with dresses, tights and flats.

In other fashion news, though I've never been a lucky person in the least, I won my second blog giveaway a couple weeks ago on So About What I Said... for a really pretty ModCloth purple scarf. I was so excited! Their Blog Coordinator emailed me to tell me that the scarf was so popular it had sold out, and after looking over the alternative choices I decided on the ModCloth In The Loop sapphire-colored circle scarf, which just arrived today!

I've never had a circle scarf before, and it's a little tricky to figure out. I've been playing with it and am hoping to put my work outfit together tomorrow around it. (It's so fun to be able to dress for work at school, otherwise I'd probably just wear jeans, moccasins, thermals and puffy vests all day!)

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  1. That coat is adorable! What a great deal, yay! Merry Christmas to you! :-)